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Křižovnická 4

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Appetizers and small dishes
100gDomestic pickled sausage with onions, pickles and hot peppers115,-
100gGarlic-cheese spread served with fried bread135,-
100gOur brawn with onion, served with fresh bread125,-
100gCamembert marinated in oil with herbs and hot peppers149,-
100gBeef tartar gently flavored with capers served with fried bread245,-
150gSausages roasted in dark beer with onions and red peppers215,-
90gObazda - maturing cheese spread served with fried bread135,-
100gBeetroot carpaccio with goat cheese, arugula and bread roll209,-
100gCamembert grilled with herbs served with cranberries179,-
80gHomemade potato chips with garlic dip135,-
2.0dclGoulash soup with beef served with bread roll135,-
1.8dclGoulash soup with beef served in bread189,-
2.0dclOld Bohemian onion soup with cheese and fried pieces of bread105,-
Vegetarian dishes
300gCreamy pumpkin risotto with parmesan250,-
200gVegetarian burger with baked goat cheese, beetroot, avocado mayo served with sweet potato fries330,-
120gFried cheese in crispy panko bread crumbs with fries and tartar sauce250,-
Main courses
200gGrilled salmon fillet marinated in herbs with avocado salad399,-
200gGrilled chicken breast with pumpkin risotto and fresh arugula299,-
200gCheeseburger made from beef chuck roll with bacon, cheddar, fries, mayo340,-
250gGrilled Rib-eye steak with baked potatoes and pepper sauce649,-
300gGrilled pork neck marinated in dark beer with bacon skewer, green beans, toasted baguette and garlic dip330,-
Classic Czech dishes
200gOld Bohemian goulash on dark beer served with dumplings289,-
200gOld Bohemian goulash on dark beer served in bread299,-
150g'Svickova‘ - beef meat with cream sauce, cranberries and dumplings299,-
400gRoasted pork ribs in Jack Daniel ́s sauce with cabbage salad375,-
1000gPork knuckle baked in black beer with horseradish, mustard and bread435,-
150gFried chicken breast served with mash potatoes and spring onion250,-
330gRoasted duck leg with red cabbage and mix dumplings365,-
200gGrilled paprika sausage served with horseradish, mustard and cabbage salad209,-
200gFresh vegetable salad125,-
200gFresh vegetable salad with Balkan cheese140,-
350gBig Greek salad - tomato, cucumber, capsicum, red onion, olives, feta cheese and pita bread250,-
350gGoat cheese baked on toasted bread with honey, lettuce and beetroot250,-
350gCaesar salad with chicken breasts, bacon and parmesan264,-
350gAvocado salad with iceberg lettuce, arugula, cherry tomatoes, dressing 250,-
200gCabbage salad with carrot and sweet and sour dressing85,-
1pcsHomemade warm apple strudel with vanilla ice cream and cream119,-
3 scoopsVanilla ice cream with hot raspberries109,-
1pcsWarm chocolate beer cake with a sprinkle of chili and vanilla ice cream119,-
1pcsPanna Cotta – daily offer129,-
Side dishes
200gBaked Potatoes with garlic sauce69,-
200gMashed potatoes with spring onion59,-
200gFrench fries79,-
200gButter broccoli79,-
200gGreen beans with bacon and onion79,-
200gSweet potato fries with bear's garlic dip109,-
160gDumplings - bread, Carlsbad, potato65,-
4pcsFried bread with garlic49,-
3pcsBread rolls with garlic butter65,-
70gTartar sauce, ketchup30,-